• Freedom of City conferred upon Dr Wyse Jackson at St. Mary's Cathedral in 1971.

  • Snow Scenes from Limerick and Clare in 1971.

  • Press Conference at Mayor Liddy's Office regarding Mayor's Ball, 1971.

  • C.I.E. presentations and switching on of Christmas lights at Colbert Station in 1971.

  • Photographs of fishing and shooting amenitiesin Limerick in 1971.

  • Thomond -v- Richmond at Thomond Park in 1971.

  • T. Corroon's Bar and Lounge,Buttevant, Co. Cork, photographed for M.J. Hayes, Auctioneers, in 1971.

  • Monaleen G.A.A. dinner dance in 1971.

  • Garryowen versus Shannon in the Munster Cup at Thomond Park in 1971.

  • The style of a prospective champion. Don O Connell who leavs for the United States on a tennis scholarship on Monday next, seen in practice atthe Limerick Lawn Tennis Club.

  • "Lines were skin was once smooth, forgotten faces and what seems like distant encounters are all part of the transience of time, and our inevitable experience of ageing. Yet, though wisdom and experience are products of this process and invariably alter our outlook, some things ultimately never change...

    "Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing."
    - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.”"

  • My response is rooted in childhood and our relationship to the immediate surroundings in our past. I incorporated an object from this captured moment to recreate a moment in my own childhood, altering and fusing the past.

  • "The Ranks Flour Mills played a crucial part in Limerick Industry and life for decades. The building was decimated by a fire in 1975. This Collagraph print captures the beauty and darkness of such destruction. I wanted to respond to the life of the building and the industry which went into decline at the same time. Ranks was a house hold name and this print celebrates a Limerick icon."